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Monday, January 23, 2006

Figure Drawing


Lately I've been missing life drawing. Particularly drawing the clothed figure in an illustrative setting. In school we did plenty of it but I always felt the costumes were kind of cheesy and second rate. The photo I did this drawing from came from The Drawing Club's blog and their workshops look amazing and inspired. Alas I'm in Chicago and not LA, so no Drawing Club workshop for me. As you can see, drawing from a photo doesn't reward one with the same loose and spontaneous quality you would get from drawing the figure from life. It feels kind of stilted and careful, and that's probably because I had more time to work on it than I would if the person were actually there in front of me. If anything it was a good exercise in getting me familiar with full figure drawing, as well as messing around with mixed media. But if anyone knows of any good clothed figure drawing workshops in Chicago let me know, It's time my rusty skills got a little greased!