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Monday, May 30, 2005

The newness

Self explanatory

two facey

More two face sketches. I think I'm done with these for a little bit.

concept sketches

These are some concept sketches for futuristic youth gangs, you know, your basic Clockwork Orange Stuff.

crow cover revisited

This I'm posting again as a scan.


I finished the front cover for this sketchbook about a month ago but didn't have a good quality scan for posting. It's a collage with mixed media. I'm working on the back cover of this sketchbook and will post it in a couple of days.


knucklehedd said...

Like I said, I truly dig it when you take off on your own. Welcome home!!

Kunal said...

Parade is superb! I love art like this. So fresh and different. Kudos.

Johnny Newt said...

I really dig the crow illustration. a great technique.
Is this done in Gouash ? You've also got an excellent drawing style, nice and clean yet very expressive, I really like it.

Your Fearless Leader said...

Nice work, as a fellow sketcher I will tell you that the "stranger" your drawings, the more they will stick w/ someone. You are using a very definate style of your own and it works... I might start putting my own work on my site!


Shani said...

is that a blue meanie? good god. I'm in love.