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Monday, April 25, 2005

From the ol' sketchbook

a wolf in a man suit

Our time is almost up so I'll be posting several bits of ephemera from my sketchbooks today. And than I'll be absent for about 2 - 3 weeks.


poetzscher said...

Love it. I'll be checking back.

coconutalk said...

i stumbled on your blog, and saw this drawing..the wolf in a man's suit. i also have a similar drawing of this.

its really cool that people in the other side of the world have similar ideas. haha!

check out my blog, i have a sample there..the wolf on a bike.

Raphaelia said...

Great work! I like the fluidity of your lines! The picture composition is dynamic too :)

sweethc said...

Incredible sketches. Just amazing.

Katherine/Kat/KK said...

I really like your art. It is very inspiring! ^_^ maybe you could stop by my blog?

Jasmeen said...

great blog!!

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Jitter said...

You are an amazingly talented artist! You remind me of my cartooning teacher. :D

Kali said...

A wolf in a man's suite. It's beautiful.

GrumpAliciouZ said...

those are awesome!! man i wish i could draw like ju =(

DAMIAN said...

Sick sketch. I also love your Batman pics. Especial the Villains. Your sketches feel rough but look polished. Good stuff. I'll be checking back for more. Have a safe journey.

Derek McMillan said...

I like the pictures. I can't draw to save my life (well maybe to save my life but not generally) and I admire people who can and use the talent to produce something as interesting as this.

Witness Street said...

Damn man those sketches are sick. I really liked that 'Mary' sketch you did there. I like your art and hope to see more sketches in your blog soon.

kathrynhowlswithwolves said...

Very nice hand there...with the drawings I mean....

come back soon... :)

A.H.ROSTAMI said...

Very good sketch, but why not pig,mouse,monkey,fox and dog in man suit? You are excellent.

A.H.ROSTAMI said...

Please , If you got a time. Sketch the head of wolf,fox ,mouse,monkey ,snake and cat on men together to show the world and the society we lieve in!
I am not an artist but you are a great one.

Troy said...

Very interesting! The background is awesome.

Anonymous said...



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